Day Students

Day Students

Throughout its history Deerfield has a tradition of day students contributing to its community life. In fact, Deerfield started out, back in 1797, as a day school. Day students are complete members of the Deerfield community. They often remain on campus until late evening to study and socialize with friends. They are welcome at all meals, weekend activities, and all school functions. Day students have senior proctors and a centrally located lounge, which serves as an on campus “home base.” They are also assigned to residential corridors and encouraged to attend weekly feeds and other dormitory functions. Day students and their families add a tremendous amount to the richness of the Deerfield community.

And yet, it can be challenging to be a day student in a “boarding” school. We understand the effort families make on a daily basis to transport, support, and nurture their children. The Student Life office provides car pool lists, weather updates, and other timely and specific information for day student families.

For more information on day student admission policies, please contact the Admission Office