9th Grade

Deerfield welcomes approximately 100 students for the 9th grade class. Ninth grade students have the benefit of four opportunity-filled years at Deerfield.


Every 9th grade student is placed into English I. Our English department adheres to a sequence that emphasizes the development of critical thinking, careful reading, and clear expression of ideas. With the exception of English I, entering students are not required to adhere to a predetermined program. Students are encouraged to explore the human experience in our history and philosophy and religion courses and develop their artistic sensibilities through our arts offerings. Students will be placed in subjects such as math, science, and modern or classical language according to their demonstrated ability. For some courses, placement will be determined by a student’s previous academic program, and for other courses a placement test will be required for enrollment.

Ninth Grade Village

Ninth grade students live in our Ninth Grade Village comprised of separate boys and girls dorms connected by a large common room. Sixteen students live on each corridor in double rooms with their faculty resident and senior student proctors. Each dorm is comprised of three corridors.  Proctors guide new students in learning how to live with others and work closely with their faculty resident to ensure that students’ needs are met. Supervised study hours take place on weeknight evenings, during which students are expected to study quietly in their rooms. Even though rooms are not assigned to our day students, they are integrated into the residential system as well, matched with a corridor and encouraged to be involved in feeds, dorm meetings, and sleepovers.