12th Grade


The academic year is divided into three terms: fall, winter, and spring. Classes are held Monday through Friday; there are no Saturday classes. Students typically carry five graded courses each term with the option of taking a sixth course upon faculty approval. We believe that this schedule best suits students’ sound educational development.

Shortly after indicating their intention to attend Deerfield, new seniors and post-graduates will be assigned a college advisor. At that time, advisors will be in touch with students to assist in course selection and discuss college plans to ensure that they are well prepared for the college process before they arrive in September.

Post-graduate students are required to choose from a variety of year-long English electives. With that exception, entering students are not required to adhere to a pre-determined program. Students who choose to take mathscience, and/or foreign language will be placed according to their demonstrated ability. For some courses placement will be determined by a student’s previous program, and for other courses a placement test will be required for enrollment. In addition, students encouraged to explore the human experience in our philosophy and religious studies courses and develop their artistic sensibilities in our arts courses. Courses taken as part of a previous academic secondary school program will be considered for credit toward a Deerfield diploma. Because of the breadth of course offerings at the senior level, the post-graduate year curriculum is largely based on electives of the student’s choosing based on his or her needs, interests, and college aspirations.

Residential Life

Post-graduate students live in single gender dorms comprised of junior, senior, and post-graduate year students. Within each dorm, the corridor is the focus of life for boarding students. Typically, 12 to 15 students live with a faculty resident on a corridor made up of single and double rooms. Juniors, seniors and post-graduate students are allowed to spend their study hours in one of many locations on campus considered to be a suitable place of study. Students return to their dorms after study hours to have a dorm feed with their faculty resident, socialize or continue to study in their dorms.