The Checklist

The school report, interview, essays, teacher recommendations… Deerfield’s application is comprised of many pieces – eleven to be exact.  To help you keep track of it all, we’ve created a personalized Deerfield Application Checklist.

Upon submitting your Candidate Profile through Gateway, you will receive an email from our Admission Office providing your Deerfield ID, which will enable you to access your personalized Admission Checklist. Your checklist will inform you of all application pieces our office has received and ones that are still outstanding.  Though Gateway has an application checklist available for your use, please note that Deerfield’s online checklist is the only reliable way to confirm that DA has received all of your correct information.

Deerfield Application Checklist

A few important reminders:

We receive many application pieces from many students, especially in the month of January.  You may experience a several-day delay between your submission and your checklist’s reflection of its arrival – please be patient with us as we process your information.

Our application deadline is January 15.  If you are not able to submit your application by January 15, we will make every effort to consider late applications, however we cannot guarantee a March 10 notification. Please follow our late applicant guidelines if you are starting your application after January 15.