Submit 50th Reunion Yearbook Questionnaire and Bios

Deerfield made us writers. Whether we like it or not, and we often didn’t, so many of our classes required us to write, and often at length. We cite this because what we’d like you to do is to fill out answers to this questionnaire, which covers basic facts and questions of your life. Take them seriously or comically or both. But please save your best for last. The last best will offer some questions about what your life has been, what has been important, what you’ve achieved and what you still may aspire to. We’d like to hear your voice, your real voice, which questionnaires can only hint at.

We offer an inspiration. You will remember the extraordinary Arts Festival, which in the winter of 1970 brought together artists in every medium. It was planned and executed on virtually a few days notice. For creators, who were principally Gil Lamphere and Bradley Marx, it was all pure adrenaline from morning to night on the days in question. No one who was there will forget the Herbie Hancock Ensemble, hours late starting, playing its inspired jazz as the Arts Festival came to an end. Gil has written about that with his usual verve, can be found here. And what we’re encouraging is writing like that, thought you’d like that.

Write at any length you wish on any subject you wish recent or distant, and we’ll be grateful to have a better sense of what a 50-year interval has included. And those teachers who made us write will be proud.

2020 Reunion - Class of 1970, 50th Reunion Yearbook Questionnaire

  • Full name, plus any aliases you've employed.
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  • Here are some suggestions for personal subjects of greater depth and weight. We'd like to know what the questionnaire can't render, which in some sense of the real and evolved you. Let us insist: Write whatever moves you!

    Most of us have been through some extraordinary experiences, both good and bad, on top of the weight of 68 years of everyday life. How has any or all of this shifted your life direction, perspective or fundamental values, particularly in ways you might not have envisioned 25 or 50 years ago?

    The most exciting, enjoyable or dangerous thing you have done or which has happened to you.

    Write whatever moves you and at any length you wish. If more space is required, take it.

  • Up to six photos are allowed. If more photos need to be submitted, please email them to Karen Savinski at