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Randolph C. Guggenheimer ’53

Margaret Temesvari – July 10, 2020

Notice received from Jim Banner ’53
Excerpts from the Yale Class of 1957 obituary:

I must convey sad word of the death on July 3, 2020, of Randolph C. Guggenheimer, Jr.  He died from the complications of Parkinson’s disease.  A precollegiate graduate of the Collegiate School in his native New York City, where he lived his entire life, and of  Yale, Randy took a post-college degree from Harvard Law School.  After practicing law for some years at the firm of Guggenheimer and Untermyer,  he accepted an offer to pursue underwriting, investment banking, syndication, and corporate finance and did so for the rest of his career.   He eventually became a partner and the managing director of Advest and helped the firm, writes John Herrmann, a close friend from when both were 9 years old, increase its Wall Street importance.  He retired when holding the position of managing partner of Burnham Securities.  Effervescent whimsical humor and bonhomie were his trademark; if there were moments when he was without his signature broad smile, few witnessed them.  John Herrmann does not err in referring to Randy’s “sparkling personality,” his being “bubbly and fun,” “quick-witted, and very smart with an amazing memory,” who “wrote class papers in half the time it took others.”  He could “whip off the New York Times Sunday crossword in ten minutes without a dictionary.”  John reports “turning on the radio one Saturday morning when I was 12 and hearing Randy as one of the original Quiz Kids.  It was then I realized how smart he was.”  Bob Mobley adds that Randy had that special gift of being able to point out to an individual where they might be going off track heading for a poor choice or decision.  In this manner, he was a good mentor and wise friend.”  Randy is survived by Jane, his wife of 61 years, their three children Randolph III, Steven, and Lynn Horowitch, and grandchildren.