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Roger Black ’66: “The Master of Creative Magazine Design”

Temesvari, Margaret – October 4, 2016

In a recent interview with Roger Black ’66 in Mr. Magazine journalist Samnir Husni writes: “To call Roger Black a pioneer of magazine design seems an understatement; he’s a master. From Rolling Stone to Newsweek, and many great titles in between, he has left some decisive fingerprints on publications, so decisive in fact, that many who came after him made the decision to stick with the design of the master, at least in some fashion.”

Roger’s passion for print began early, when he was a student at Deerfield. He credits Robert Dothard, who oversaw all the school’s print publications while Frank Boyden was headmaster, with helping him create the first book he ever “designed.” In the interview Roger states: “I was doing the student activity extracurricular kind of thing that was called American Studies Group. We were doing an art show of a New England artist and I was writing and editing and putting the show together with a bunch of people, members of the group, and I was told that if we printed anything, Dothard had to be involved. So, he did this wonderful thing of letting me think I was designing this catalog, and it came out beautifully. It was really the first book that I ever designed, the first publication, and I didn’t design it, of course. I couldn’t have. But he made me understand what the steps were to make all of those decisions.”

From there Roger went on to intern with Dothard, where he learned how to set type while working on more books and magazines, which became the basis for his work in such publications as Rolling Stone.

Read the entire interview in the October 4th article here.