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Melissa Manice ’00: Healthcare Entrepreneur

Margaret Temesvari – December 15, 2015

Melissa Manice, founder of “Cohero Health”  is about to change the lives of the millions of asthma sufferers. After many years of hard work, starting with pre-med, continuing with a Masters in Public Health, and finally transferring to an urban public healthcare program in New York, Melissa knew how she wanted to pursue her career. In an article on she states:
“It was working in the urban public health department that I became really passionate about trying to understand the ideology—or what causes—asthma. This opened the doors to what ended up being ‘my world’ in pulmonary medicine.” In 2014, Melissa created an incredible technological device, called “Cohero’s Device,” which will make breathing a lot easier for all those who suffer from asthma. In the same article, Melissa explains: “To break it down for you, what this means is that if you’re an asthma sufferer, you can wear Cohero’s device, a mini spirometer (which measures air capacity in your lungs) paired with a smartphone app, and have real-time tracking of your medication intake and how your lungs are responding. The result?  Less time spent making trips to the hospital, and more time spent at home.” The FDA recently approved Cohero’s technology as a medical device that can be fully manufactured. Melissa hopes to have the innovation available to the entire medical world by late 2016.

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