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“Bridge of Spies” Tells the Incredible Story of a Deerfield Alum’s Grandfather

Margaret Temesvari – October 19, 2015

Attorney James B. Donovan, the grandfather of Eddie Amorosi ’94, never received great recognition in History books. Now, however, his incredible story is being told with the release of “Bridge of Spies,” Steven Spielberg’s new film starring Tom Hanks as the insurance lawyer. Mr. Donovan played a vital role in almost every major event of 20th century history after World War Two. To name a few:

  • “He helped send senior Nazis to the gallows at Nuremberg, engineered Cold War spy swaps, apparently scuppered a CIA plot to poison Fidel Castro and won the admiration of JFK.”
  • “He gained the respect of both sides during the birth of the Civil Rights movement.”
  •  “He met with Fidel Castro after Bay of Pigs to negotiate the release of 9,700 people in Cuba.”

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