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Pathways Program Brings Alumni to Campus

Hammond, Jennifer – February 27, 2013

Now in its twelfth year, the Pathways Program was created by Linus Travers ’54 and the Executive Committee of the Alumni Association. At Pathways,  returning alumni share stories of their career paths – and challenges they faced along the way. Nine alumni came to campus January 20th, 2013 to share their “pathways” since graduating from Deerfield. Thank you to Asha Echeverria ’96, Josh Greenhill ’96, Rob Hale ’84 P’15, Leslie Hotchkiss ’06, Sean Keller ’86, Stephanie Lazar ’94, Adam Lubinsky ’89, Rafi Mottahedeh ’02, and Benjamin Patton ’83. Sarah Groff ’99 tried to make it but the flu kept her away. Some student comments include:

“It’s easy to like a guy like Mr. Hale. He is approachable, funny, engaging, and a great speaker. What I love about his presentation was that he grounded it in how his experience at Deerfield and at college shaped him as a person and prepared him for his career. This allowed students to connect and relate to his presentation, because we are currently experiencing many of the things Mr. Hale went through at DA nearly thirty years ago.” – Teddy Romeyn ’13

“Mr. Patton was a speaker I could really relate to. My family has a military background from the past few generations, including my mother who served in Iraq for 18 months during 2009 and 2010, my uncles, and my grandfather who was given the Silver Star during Korea. Like him, I have always felt an obligation to serve my country, and pressure from my family to be a soldier. His presentation about treating soldiers with PTSD was an inspiring one, giving soldiers support and a voice when hope is bleak. I wish him the best and can honestly say that from only 30 minutes with him, he is passionate and worthy of his heritage.” – Jordan Jancze ’13

“I thought Leslie Hotchkiss’s session was very enjoyable and helpful. I found her extremely approachable, very honest about the ups and downs of making your own way after Deerfield, and in some ways more immediately relatable than other speakers because she was so much closer to our own age. I am not personally considering going to medical school, but I was glad to learn of her experiences and appreciated her insight into a career path I know little about. Although most of the presenters were able to help us look forward and consider the possibilities for careers beyond Deerfield, Leslie was particularly helpful in giving us a unique look into the part that the others generally glossed over — namely, the world between college and career, and how some people begin to make that transition.” – Sierra Janik ’13

If you are interested in being a future Pathways presenter, please contact Karen Nuelle ( Pathways each year is the Sunday before Martin Luther King Day.