Alumni News

Letter from the President of the Executive Committee

Jennifer Hammond – October 16, 2012

Deerfield TodayGreetings Alums!

It is with great pleasure that the Executive Committee and the Alumni Relations Office are able to offer this new e-newsletter for the Deerfield Alumni Association.

In this inaugural edition, you will see an array of Deerfield-related articles and links to events, sports scores and other school news. Some highlights include: Look To The Hills, Deerfield’s Summer Institute, and the Executive Committee’s newest initiative, Opening Doors, a student internship program partnering with Deerfield alumni.

Our objective is to provide this to you on a recurring basis, but we first want to hear your feedback and then fine tune the publication.  So, please send us an e-mail at the following link ( and let us know what you think, what is missing, how you like the format, etc.

I want to acknowledge the hearty efforts of the Executive Committee’s IT & E-newsletter Subcommittee, Jenny Hammond of the Alumni Relations Office and the Office of Communications.

Best regards,
P.B. Weymouth III, ’83
President, Executive Committee of the Alumni Association