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Deerfield Today Summer 2012

Mozea, Meghan – July 1, 2012

Read online, the new Deerfield Today edition Opening Doors, Commencement, and Reunions 2012

Read about: Track and Field Crowned With a Victory 73 Years in the Making by Bob York:

Mike Schloat, the Deerfield Track & Field coach, comments on the improvement of his team as, for the first time, the boys won the Division I New England Track and Field Championships. “‘To win the championship by less than a secondand-a-half in the final event of the day,’ said Schloat, ‘that’s a buzzer-beater in my book.'”

Great Expectations by David Thiel:

The Class of 2012 Become Alumni: As 2012 become Deerfield alumni Dr. Curtis makes it clear that her and everyone else had high expectations for this graduating class. “‘You will be solely responsible for making wise, deliberate, meaningful choices. You have developed the inner discipline and fortitude to make your own decisions and defy the crowd mentality. You will be a leader, not a follower… Be worthy.'”

Opening Doors This Summer: 

Six Students Participate in Alumni-Sponsored Internships: Thanks to the generous support of our Deerfield alumni six students were able to have  an unforgettable experience. “This summer’s internships were diverse and included: architecture, permaculture, and sustainability, a venture funded software startup, photography, jewelry design, and an innovative nonprofit for children.”