Thank You.

“The citizens of any state, and particularly a democracy, can never achieve the more abundant life if those who have been privileged by birth or by education do not fulfill their obligations to society and take their rightful places in community, state, and national life.  The test of the worth of any school is, in the last analysis, the record of her alumni…  it is our sincere hope that the tradition of service instilled and nurtured here under such wise guidance may endure always to the lasting benefit of the country and the world.” —Frank Learoyd Boyden

Thank you for supporting Deerfield.  When you choose to give, to donate your time, or to simply lend your voice, you make our community stronger and, by your example, demonstrate the tradition of service for which Deerfield is renowned.

And while you’re here, do you have news to share? We’d love to hear about what you’ve been up to! Feel free to submit a class note or photo for publication online and for the next issue of the Deerfield Magazine.