Funding Priorities

Imagine Deerfield┬áis the Academy’s most ambitious fundraising campaign to date, designed to ensure that our students continue to have the best resources and opportunities available–and to provide new programs and initiatives that will secure our place as a leading secondary school.

With a campaign goal of $200,000,000, we will make an unprecedented investment in students and faculty, ensuring that Deerfield’s lessons continue to embrace our traditions of character while setting the standard for academic excellence in the 21st century.

Endowment for Students

Academic Center $5,000,000
Financial Aid $30,000,000
Travel Service Programs $5,000,000
Unrestricted Program $14,000,000
Total $54,000,000

Endowment for Faculty

New Faculty $25,000,000
Faculty and Staff Compensation $10,000,000
Faculty Housing $5,000,000
Professional Development $5,000,000
Total $45,000,000

Campus and Facilities

Dormitories $10,000,000
Arts Center (funded) $28,000,000
Dining Hall (funded) $3,000,000
Community Center (Fitness Center/Greer Store) (funded) $10,000,000
Core Academics Buildings (Academy Building,
Arms, Classroom)
Total $61,000,000

Annual Fund

Current Use Gifts, Unrestricted $40,000,000


TOTAL $200,000,000