San Francisco Reception

Please join us on Thursday, March 5 at EPIC Steak to welcome Dr. John P.N. Austin as Deerfield Academy’s Head of School. Drinks & hors d’oeuvres will be served.

Co-hosted by the Deerfield Club of the Bay Area and Stephen Mong ’88.

Attire: Business casual.

If you prefer a payment method other than online, please call 413-774-1483.


March 5, 2020 
6:30 pm
8:30 pm
EPIC Steak, 369 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA map  

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Who's Coming

NamePrimary Deerfield AffiliationGuest NameGuest's Primary Deerfield Affiliation
Olga Cyimana BaneParentDaniel BaneParent
Jacky HaywardClass of 2002
Karen IveyParent
Brenna Schroer-LundeenClass of 2013
John LingClass of 2013
Westy RoseClass of 1968Laurie RoseSpouse
Jeffrey BaruhClass of 1972Wendy BaruhSpouse
Maria GeenenParent
Oliver HillClass of 2015
Catie ChaseParentDenton ChaseParent
Trevor NagleClass of 1989
David MoyerClass of 1964
Sith ChaisuroteClass of 2000
Susan JohnsonParentNeil KellParent
Eloise UghettaClass of 2007
Jacob AbeneFriendMadeline AbeneParent
Stefanie GrosseParentEric GrosseParent
Kelly BrowneParentMichael BrowneParent
Emily SwartsClass of 2010
Tanner LarsonClass of 2011
Felix RamirezClass of 2003
Alexandra (Ali) BerryClass of 2005
Katie KelleherClass of 2008Andrew ChernaClass of 2008
John MyersClass of 1985Monica MyersSpouse
Ed AmorosiClass of 1994
Bruce WalkerClass of 1949Fran WalkerSpouse
Robert and Loraine BerryGrandparentRobert and Loraine BerryGrandparent
Ed HarveyClass of 1988Tamie HarveyParent
Nicholas RothClass of 2008
Michael PhillipsClass of 1968Elizabeth PhillipsSpouse
Steve TurkoClass of 1985Lori ZuckermanSpouse
Dara SklarClass of 1999Jay BordonSpouse
Ellen ShinClass of 2010
Marco QuazzoClass of 1980
Steve HarrickParent
Daniel MeyerClass of 1995Courtney QuishSpouse
James BitterClass of 2011
Chip DaughertyClass of 2008
Suzanne LevitParent
Jennifer ComoClass of 1997
Elsie SmithClass of 2007
Alex WardClass of 2015
Reed HortonClass of 2014
Rebecca BossangeClass of 2002Edward BossangeSpouse
stephen whiteClass of 1950
William MorrisonClass of 1989
Paul HaigneyClass of 1978
John BuoymasterParent
Anthony AbeneParentMichelle AbeneParent
Merrill MagowanClass of 1956
Ian ThomsonClass of 2009
Elizabeth WardClass of 1995Patrick WardSpouse
Anna EdwinTrustee
Mark McInerneyTrusteeHilary McInerneySpouse
Allen ParkerTrusteeNancy ParkerSpouse
Ted UllyotTrusteeJennifer UllyotSpouse
NamePrimary Deerfield AffiliationGuest NameGuest's Primary Deerfield Affiliation