Holiday Reception

We have closed our online RSVP. If you are interested in attending tonight’s event, please email Jenny Hammond at

Deerfield Academy Annual Holiday Reception for Franklin, Hampden, and Hampshire Counties.


Who's Coming

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NamePrimary Deerfield AffiliationGuest NameGuest Primary Deerfield Affiliation
Robert AlberClass of 1980
Melissa PersonsPast/Current Parent
John DowniePast/Current ParentJeanine DownieParent
Erin JaroszPast/Current ParentRoger JaroszParent
Michael SmithClass of 1980
Sheri AndonPast/Current ParentSteve AndonParent
Wendi MelnikSpouse
Jaimye BartakClass of 1997Jeff SauserSpouse
George ColtPast/Current Parent
Steven RussoClass of 1974
Victor RussoClass of 1951Carol RussoSpouse
Clayton SalemClass of 1997Tiffany JewellSpouse
Diana SzynalArea Resident
Christine CooleyPast/Current ParentJames CooleyParent
Mary-Catherine SullivanPast/Current ParentJerry SullivanParent
Barb SussbauerPast/Current ParentErik SussbauerParent
Suzanne MartinoPast/Current ParentTony MartinoParent
John ReesePast/Current Faculty
David RohrsPast/Current ParentSharon Thuillard-RohrsParent
Rick RussoClass of 1972Terri GrzybowskiFriend
Michael NoblePast/Current ParentNatalie NobleParent
Peter HyndsPast/Current ParentMorven MurrayOther
LY HuangPast/Current Parent
Jane LymanPast/Current ParentAdam SokoloskiFriend
Ladimer NagurneyPast/Current ParentAnna NagurneyParent
NamePrimary Deerfield AffiliationGuest NameGuest Primary Deerfield Affiliation