Deerfield College Feed in Boston


Join us for a Deerfield College Feed in Boston! Rally your Deerfield pals and meet us at Russell House Tavern on Tuesday, October 1, at 6:30 p.m. Reminisce of Deerfield Days with good food and great friends. Space is limited.

The online registration for this event is now closed. Please reach out to Courtney Afonso at to be added to the waitlist.

Who's Coming

NamePrimary Deerfield Affiliation
Jack BillClass of 2019
Bailey SmithClass of 2018
Harbour WoodwardClass of 2019
John TrappClass of 2019
Anya Shevzov-ZebrunClass of 2017
Joshua FangClass of 2019
Meaghan O'BrienClass of 2018
Kevin GuClass of 2018
Camden KelleherClass of 2018
Morgane DackiwClass of 2019
Nate SteeleClass of 2017
Victor KimClass of 2016
Oliver HolloClass of 2018
Alexa BrownClass of 2019
Orlee Marini-RapoportClass of 2019
Alexander GuoClass of 2017
Hannah ValenciaClass of 2018
Shenika ShiClass of 2018
Kevin ChenClass of 2018
Sean YuClass of 2018
Jillian O'ConnorClass of 2019
Yingni WangClass of 2016
Rachel YaoClass of 2016
Jada HowardClass of 2019
Kiana RawjiClass of 2018
NamePrimary Deerfield Affiliation