DCNE Fall Play 2019 | Antigone

The story of a young woman defying the decrees of just one man, still rings true centuries after Sophocles wrote this visceral play. Tormented by the laws forbidding her to bury her brother, Antigone sets out to defy the edict set by her authoritarian uncle Creon, thus imperiling her own life. Using Jean Anouilh’s magnificent version of the classic, there won’t be a toga or Greek sandal in sight! The text contains many modern day parallels, and therefore, we are setting this powerful story in a more contemporary, edgy setting. We look forward to welcoming you to the opening night of Antigone!

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Who's Coming

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NamePrimary Deerfield AffiliationGuest NameGuest 2 NameGuest 3 Name
Marcus BoyleClass of 1962Lorie Boyle
xin yinParent
Marc DancerClass of 1979Mary Dancer
Kathy MelnikParentSue GrayPam Koenigsbauer
Francis MozeaParentBarbara Jones
John CareyOtherAleks CareyJack Carey
Raloon BialekParentMarjorie KramerSam Thurston
Grant BialekParentSoren BialekMadeline BialekPatricia Thompson
Leda MahmoodiParent
Herbert SandersonClass of 1975Jan CulverMarge Sanderson
Christine FernaldParentChristine FernaldDrake FernaldPatrick Fernald
Peter GundelfingerParentSuzanne Smiley
Kelly HudsonParentCurt Hudson
Sheryl KoyamaParent
Walter SussbauerGrandparentLucille Therrien
Simon KeochakianGrandparentJoan Keochakian
Vita ThielParentNatasha LoweZaccheo BarbaraOlivia Leone
David GiddingsClass of 1965Cherie Giddings
Kathy MelnikParentSue GrayPam Koenigsbauer
Craig HammondParent
Betsy FrakerParent
Charlotte PatriquinOtherJohn Schechter
Sara SchleyParentJoe Laur
Sharmila MuratotiParentThai ThayumanavanAnita RaoMalini Sinha
Erin CherewattiParentIlona Cherewatti
NamePrimary Deerfield AffiliationGuest NameGuest 2 NameGuest 3 Name