Day of Service

Come join us in April as alumni, families, and friends serve together around the globe. This year you can get involved from any city/state/country by visiting a waterway in the month of April and downloading the Clean Swell mobile app from the Ocean Conservancy, available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

In keeping with a Water Conservancy theme, join us on the Hudson River on April 7, as Deerfield Alumni and Deerfield Students partner for the first time in an exciting student-led service project on Deerfield Day of Service. Alumni-led water conservation efforts will also take place on April 7 in Chicago with our Denver, San Francisco, and Southern California projects taking place on April 21.

Here’s how to plan your own cleanup and represent Deerfield individually or as a group:

  • Download the Clean Swell app on Android in the Google Play Store on on iOS in the App Store.¬†
  • Register the application and head out to a local waterway prepared to collect trash.
  • Click the “Start Collecting” button and then list your “Group” as “Deerfield Academy”.
  • Document the material you collect in the app. It’s easy and fun!
  • Click “Done Collecting” when you are finished.

Download our quick¬†Informational PDF or contact Ray Walker at if you’d like more information about how you and your family can participate from anywhere around the globe using the Clean Swell app.

Lastly, we proudly have returning service projects supporting our communities in Washington, D.C. (Martha’s Table) on April 1, 2018 and Atlanta (Gateway Center) on April 7, 2018. Learn more about a project near you and sign up today!


Heal the Bay, Santa Monica Beach – Los Angeles, CA
April 21, 2018 from 10:00am – 12:00pm (meet-up after at Stout Burgers and Beers)

Earth Day at the Presidio – San Francisco, CA
April 21, 2018 from 9:00am – 12:00pm (meet-up after at Arguello)


April 1, 7, 21, 2018 

Who's Coming

Volunteer 1 NameVolunteer 2 NameVolunteer 3 NameVolunteer 4 NameVolunteer 5 NameVolunteer 6 NameVolunteer 7 NamePrimary Deerfield AffiliationEvent Location
Art Clement1966Atlanta - Gateway Center
Jeff DufresneOtherAtlanta - Gateway Center
Bryan SellsDeneta SellsDaveion SellsRichard SellsChristian SellsDanayla Sells1989Atlanta - Gateway Center
Peter NovakParentAtlanta - Gateway Center
grace leesteven plattParentChicago - Juneway Terrace Beach Park
Denise NigroParentChicago - Juneway Terrace Beach Park
Osman KhanIsmaeel Khan1991Chicago - Juneway Terrace Beach Park
Gevian DarganTara DarganRaven DarganRobyn Dargan1990Chicago - Juneway Terrace Beach Park
John Knight1983Denver - RiverSweep
David Schmidt1990Denver - RiverSweep
Martha WoffordNora KnightSpouseDenver - RiverSweep
Jack Rand1965Denver - RiverSweep
Chris MillerHolley MillerSpensley MillerClay Miller1983Denver - RiverSweep
Andrew WoodTala Akhavan2009Los Angeles - Santa Monica Beach
Sandra Ochoa-RiveraMiles Ochoa1992Los Angeles - Santa Monica Beach
Jamila AcheampongChelsea AdlerDelma Betancourt2007New York, NY - Cherry Walk
Davis Rosborough2006New York, NY - Cherry Walk
Ian Hinsdale2005New York, NY - Cherry Walk
Lesley KoeppelDavid KoeppelParentNew York, NY - Cherry Walk
Ann Parker Hammock2006New York, NY - Cherry Walk
Cristina LieboltOtherNew York, NY - Cherry Walk
Hilary Robinson2003New York, NY - Ten Mile River Playground
Lizzie Rosenberger2003New York, NY - Ten Mile River Playground
Andy Cohen1981New York, NY - Ten Mile River Playground
LAWRENCE BIONDO1986New York, NY - Ten Mile River Playground
Ame IgharoOtherNew York, NY - Ten Mile River Playground
Mamta FauxParentNew York, NY - Ten Mile River Playground
Allison NilesDavid NilesOtherNew York, NY - Ten Mile River Playground
Callie Hoon2015San Francisco - Fort Scott Field
Dee PathmanParentSan Francisco - Fort Scott Field
Elizabeth CarterPatrick Ward1995San Francisco - Fort Scott Field
Jonathan FalkerShannon Falker1999San Francisco - Fort Scott Field
Becky Konowicz1998San Francisco - Fort Scott Field
Nick Bright2006San Francisco - Fort Scott Field
Jack Scott1978San Francisco - Fort Scott Field
Ted Lubin2000Washington, D.C. - Martha's Table
Maricarmen Kenton2001Washington, D.C. - Martha's Table
Broadway JacksonLinda Jackson1979Washington, D.C. - Martha's Table
Nat Emmons1960Washington, D.C. - Martha's Table
Regi Allen1980Washington, D.C. - Martha's Table
Kristofor PetersonOtherWashington, D.C. - Martha's Table
Maggie ProctorOtherWashington, D.C. - Martha's Table
Geoffrey Curfman2006Washington, D.C. - Martha's Table
Kenneth Romero1984Washington, D.C. - Martha's Table
Volunteer 1 NameVolunteer 2 NameVolunteer 3 NameVolunteer 4 NameVolunteer 5 NameVolunteer 6 NameVolunteer 7 NamePrimary Deerfield AffiliationEvent Location