San Francisco Alumnae Continuing Conversations

Deerfield Alumnae: Please join us for our Continuing Conversations gathering after the San Francisco Reception, hosted by Elaine Asher ’93 and Julia Hochberg ’95. Meet us for dinner at Wayfare Tavern on Thursday, March 8 at 8:00 pm. Space is limited. Open to Deerfield women (alumnae).


March 8, 2018 
8:00 PM
11:00 PM
Wayfare Tavern: 558 Sacramento St, San Francisco, CA 94111 map  

Who's Coming

NamePrimary Deerfield Affiliation
Jackie (Fleishman) CarmelClass of 2007
Jaclyn (Schwenker) LongClass of 1994
Alexandra BerryClass of 2005
Louise (Lamphere) BerylClass of 2000
Sarah BrimOther
Jennifer ComoClass of 1997
Bailey daumClass of 2010
Emma DeCampClass of 2013
Julia HochbergClass of 1995
Callie HoonClass of 2015
Elizabeth KeadyClass of 2007
Elizabeth KeadyClass of 2007
Serena KeithClass of 2004
Becky KonowiczClass of 1998
Ryan LogieClass of 2013
E.B. McCuskerClass of 1994
Charlotte ParkerClass of 2008
Caroline QuazzoClass of 2008
Dara SklarOther
Eloise UghettaClass of 2007
NamePrimary Deerfield Affiliation