Fairfield County Reception

Please join us for Cocktails and Conversation in Greenwich with Head of School Margarita Curtis on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 from 6:30-8:30 pm.

If you prefer a payment method other than online, please call 413-774-1483.


November 15, 2017 
6:30 PM
8:30 PM
Delamar Greenwich Harbor, 500 Steamboat Road, Greenwich, CT 06830 map  

Who's Coming

NamePrimary Deerfield AffiliationGuest Name
John AllenOtherChristina Wagner
Edward AmorosiClass of 1994
elizabeth andersonClass of 1994
Gary AndersonOther
Paul AustinOther
Bill BairdClass of 1988
Philip BaityClass of 2005
Eduard BeitClass of 1979
Kathleen BeitOther
Serena BowmanParentBrad Bowman
Abby CachoClass of 2013Korey Wilson
Patty CarpenterParentSkip Carpenter
Coleman ChurchClass of 1988Claudia Church
Adrienne ConzelmanParent
Gary CuiParentXiaoli Huo
Thomas DaleParentLisa Dale
Terry DarlingClass of 1987Elizabeth Darling
Joseph DowlingParentDiana Dowling
James Dunning IIIOtherKatie Dunning
katie durfeeParentkatie durfee
Nicholas FairClass of 2010
Scott FauverParentTracy Fauver
Robertson FollansbeeClass of 2000
Charles FullerClass of 1993
Terry FullerClass of 1955
Terry FullerClass of 1955
Victor GeraciOther
Atanas GoranovParentAtanas Goranov
Page GosnellParent
Julie HalloranParentTodd Halloran
Tucker HastingsClass of 1995
Wendy HendersonParentTed Henderson
Molly HendrickOther
Porter HillClass of 1999
jeffrey jensenClass of 1967
george knightParent
David KoeppelClass of 1976Lesley Koeppel
Richard KolmanParentDebra Kolman
Lucy LamphereParent
Vanessa LewisParentChip Lewis
aj likaOtherjanelle lika
Andy LodgeClass of 1991
Christie ManningParentChris Manning
Reed MinorClass of 1999
William NookClass of 1990
M.E. O’ConnorParentChris O’Connor
Jill OlsonParentBrian Olson
Nancy PettyParentNancy Petty
Wael QattanClass of 1989
Andrew RolfeParent
Andrew RolfeParent
Samantha Romney DolceClass of 2006
Teddy SchiffClass of 1997
Brooks SchollClass of 1965Robin Scholl
Valerie SmithParentMatthew Smith
William TaggartOtherLiz Taggart
Luther TerryParentBelinda Terry
Katie VadasdiClass of 1994Greg Vadasdi
Ann von StadeParentJohn von Stade
alexandra williamsParentGordon williams
Christopher ZiebarthClass of 1990Carolyn Ziebarth
Kenneth ZimmermanClass of 1978Cathie Jin
NamePrimary Deerfield AffiliationGuest Name