Deerfield Academy Event in San Francisco

Please join Dr. Margarita Curtis and the Deerfield Club of the Bay Area for our Deerfield Academy Event at Waterbar. We will start with a panel discussion featuring local alumni entrepreneurs. Additionally, Dr. Margarita Curtis will share an overview of Deerfield today, complemented by a brief video presentation. Please RSVP by February 25, 2016.
Fritz Maytag ’55
Dana Mead ’78
Jonathan Tang ’87
Bayard Winthrop ’87
Tamara Brisk ’99
Manu Koenig ’03
Jon Murchinson ’87 (moderator)

Our online registration for our event in San Francisco is officially closed. Please contact Jenny Hammond at or 413-774-1801 if you have questions.


March 10, 2016 
6:00 PM
9:00 PM
Waterbar, 399 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94105 map  
6:00 PM
7:00 PM
Panel Discussion: Entrepreneurship and Deerfield  
7:00 PM
9:00 PM
Cocktail Reception  

Who's Coming

NamePrimary Deerfield AffiliationGuest Name
Elaine AsherClass of 1993
Nicola BeaumontClass of 2009Philippa Beaumont
Cecilia BuerkleClass of 2010
Ben CmejlaClass of 2007
Peace EsonwuneParent
Nathaniel GarrettClass of 1996
George GumpertClass of 1995
Lee HansenClass of 1985
Steve HarrickClass of 1989
Julia HochbergClass of 1995
Ted HowesClass of 1986
Alex JermynClass of 1993
Geoff KarrenClass of 1988
Rondall LaneOtherDanielle Lane
John LaneClass of 1990
James LaskinClass of 1957
Mark McInerneyClass of 1981Hilary McInerney
KC MorrisClass of 2010
David MoyerClass of 1964
Isabel NassiefOther
Haley PatoskiClass of 2010
Christopher PielockClass of 2009
Julia PielockClass of 2010
Philipp PieperClass of 1992
Marco QuazzoClass of 1980Mary Quazzo
Jerry RoodClass of 1955Joyce Rood
Daniel ScherotterClass of 1987
Jack ScottClass of 1978
Dara SklarClass of 1995Laura Garofalo
Delancey SmithClass of 2007
Rosemary StrautClass of 2011
Martin SweeneyClass of 1986
Ian ThomsonClass of 2005
David Van EttenClass of 1966Janet Van Etten
Grant VilleneuveClass of 2010
Bruce WalkerClass of 1949Fran Walker
Gustav WellinClass of 2011
Dewey WilmotClass of 1987
NamePrimary Deerfield AffiliationGuest Name