An Academy Event in San Francisco

An Academy Event to take place on February 26th 2015 at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, with Dr. Margarita Curtis. A special pre-event seminar featuring Peter Warsaw, Academic Dean, Visual & Performance Art Teacher, on “The Language of Music” will be followed by a cocktail reception.

Please RSVP via the below registration form by February 4th.

If you have questions about this event, please contact us at or call 413-774-1483.


February 26, 2015 
5:00 pm
8:00 pm
Legion of Honor map  
5:00 pm
6:30 pm
Seminar "The Language of Music" with Peter Warsaw, Florence Gould Theater  
6:30 pm
8:30 pm
Cocktail Reception, Rodin Gallery, please enter from the front entrance of the Legion of Honor  

Who's Coming

FirstLastPrimary Deerfield AffiliationFirstLast
EmilySwartsClass of 2010
RachelWhiteClass of 1994
JonMurchinsonClass of 1987JulieMurchinson
JackyHaywardClass of 2002WilliSchrom
EllenEbyClass of 2006
MartinMumfordClass of 2001JamieMumford
NicolaBeaumontClass of 2009PhilippaBeaumont
ElizabethKeadyClass of 2007
MarkLaflammeClass of 1983BonnieLaflamme
StephenBassettClass of 1980JanetMcGarry
JuliaPielockClass of 2010
BrewsterElyClass of 1966
RobGoodsonClass of 1986
JackScottClass of 1978BrookScott
AndrewHarrisClass of 2010SangPark
TamaraBriskClass of 1999
JamesLaskinClass of 1957
GrantVilleneuveClass of 2010
EdwardGoodsonClass of 1983BarbaraGoodson
DeweyWilmotClass of 1987
MichaelParzickClass of 1990StanziHarris
ElaineAsherClass of 1993
JerryRoodClass of 1955JoyceRood
SteveTurkoClass of 1985LoriTurko
BrianGallyClass of 1988
MarkMcInerneyClass of 1981
ErroinMartinClass of 1992
TedHowesClass of 1986LindaHwang
KeithkirleyClass of 1999LizzieKirley
christianbaldenhoferClass of 1960phyllisbaldenhofer
AndyZangrilliClass of 1989
DavidVan EttenClass of 1966JanetVan Etten
ManuKoenigClass of 2003
DanielPiemontClass of 2007EvelynCordner
CalKennedyClass of 2008TuckerWheeler
JohnHarperClass of 1989TabithaHarper
ElsieSmithClass of 2007
NarissaDallaClass of 2007
ElizabethKeadyClass of 2007
PaulWolfClass of 1970SusanThomas
johnheathClass of 1964DebbieLundahl
kelly and johnshuhdaParentjohnshuhda
AndrewBlauClass of 1981GuestGuest
SaraMyersClass of 1998PeterChristianson
ClementChen, IIIClass of 1973AnChen
JuliaHochbergClass of 1995JoshHochberg
ClaireWooClass of 2002AndrewLy
derekreisfieldClass of 1981StasiaReisfield
FahSathirapongsasutiClass of 2005MioSakata
SithChaisuroteClass of 2000ThyneBoonmark
ArdenArnoldClass of 2012
PhilMeachinClass of 2003
JagoMacleodClass of 1992
BentleyRubinsteinClass of 2005
CristinaLieboltClass of 2006
GouthamSeshadriClass of 2003
Yee ChengChinClass of 2003
JettFeinClass of 2005JettFein
FirstLastPrimary Deerfield AffiliationFirstLast