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David Branson Smith ’02 Wins Sundance Award

- February 2, 2017

Congratulations to David Branson Smith ’02, who won the screenplay prize at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival for Ingrid Goes West! Smith co-wrote the dark comedy with director Matt Spicer about the ever-growing influence that social networking plays in people’s lives.

In a January 22 Sundance Review article Jordan Raup writes:

“With a generation now largely measuring their self-esteem by the amount of likes on their Instagram feed, the veneer of a perfect life is a sought-after badge of approval. Call it a cynical observation, but the rush of personal achievement via double taps is an addicting one, especially so for Ingrid (Aubrey Plaza), a mentally unstable woman filling the lonely void left by her recently deceased mother with social media stalking.
Being a comedy that relies on the tension of Ingrid walking on her thin rope of lies, and when she’ll tip over the edge, Spicer and co-writer David Branson Smith excel at upping the ante with each situation. With flashes of The King of Comedy and even Cape Fear, Martin Scorsese will never make dark character study surrounding the craziest #WCW imaginable, so thankfully there’s Ingrid Goes West.”

Read the entire review here.