Class Notes

Class of 1957 mini-reunion

May 13, 2020

On April 28 the first (that we know of) Zoom gathering of 11 members of the Class of 1957 was held. The “We” in this case were Charlie Updike ’57, Jim Tripp ’57, Tom Williams ’57, Eric Widmer ’57, John Russell ’57, John Waterbury ’57, John Hartwell ’57, Ted Ells ’57, David Blake ’57, Lloyd Semple ’57, as well as yours truly. Organized by Jim Tripp ’57 with technical assistance from Charlie Updike ’57 we managed to assemble from diverse points New England to California, Texas, and Florida. No advance agenda, just wide ranging discussion and recollections centering on our time and friends, past and present, from years spent at Deerfield. After an hour or so the general consensus was we should plan to do this again, no set schedule—possibly two or three times during the year while reaching out to others who might like to join in.

Newt Merrill