Class Notes

Peace Works

May 13, 2020

May 11, 2020Dear Friends,In these troubling and uncertain times, Kit and I send our best to you and your loved ones and hope you are well. We are ensconced in our DC home, calling students and catching up with friends and projects, getting out only for walks, gardening and to hit some tennis balls against a wall. We are concerned for the greater good.From late January to early March, book events took place in North Carolina, Arizona, Alabama and Texas, with meetings for students, Air Force officers, concerned citizens, fellow writers and community leaders. The message of Peace Works continues to resonate. Some of the exchanges and announcements are captured below with links:January 27-29 Durham, NC – Policy 360 Podcast with Dean Judith Kelley of Duke University’s Sanford School (38:41)American Grand Strategy Program with Prof. Kyle Beardsley (poster)February 19-21 Phoenix, AZ – Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations with Dirk Dijkerman (poster) and PHX.FM Valley Business Radio with Adrian McIntyre

February 24-26 Montgomery, AL – Video of Air University Assembly with Prof. Michael Kraig at Maxwell Air Base (65:23)

A Maxwell Air Force Base tradition after speaking to the Air Command and Staff College

February 26-27 Birmingham, AL – Alabama Newscenter Video Interview with Michael Tomberlin (01:10)

March 2-4 Austin, TX – Classroom talks with Kit Lunney and Prof. Steve Sonnenberg (links to host and one of the programs we attended)

March 5-7 San Antonio, TX – Association of Writers & Writing Programs 2020 Annual Conference panel with Alex Deghan and Lola Shoneyin (75:46)

May 2020 – TBD (Technology by Design) Podcast with Matt Perault (38:00)

Back in December, the State Department’s Ralph Bunche Library hosted a talk (56:52).

Thanks to many friends for these invitations.

Be well,

Rick Barton ’67