Class Notes

Life Since Deerfield

February 24, 2020

“After graduating from Brown in 1952 and 2 years in the Navy during the Korean war, I went to Graduate Business School and got my MBA from Wharton Graduate at Penn. After sojourns with IBM and Chase Bank, I went into advertising with McCann Erickson, then to Brand Management with Bristol Myers, Johnson & Johnson, Ocean Spray (Director of New Products), Richardson Vicks (Americas Far East), and finally Proctor and Gamble, retiring early at 57. Since then I, my Norwegian wife and 2 children moved through years of Marketing Consulting to active retirement in Naples, Florida in 1994. We’re still here.
Since then I’ve been active in my community: serving as President of both Master and Village Associates, while founding a winning swim team, summer camp, tennis program, Social Committee and being Editor of our Newsletter. 12 doubles trophies later, I retired as Captain of the Tennis Team. I remember Gordy and me on the D’Field lightweight football team. My latest book (2nd edition) is “The Ivy Fest Song Book” – Ivy Fight Songs.”
Photo caption: Ty and Nina Day

Ty Day