Class Notes

I Am Very Fortunate

February 24, 2020

“I was a math major at Oberlin. After Navy OCS and 3 years on minesweepers, I enrolled in economics grad school at Yale (PhD 1962). Joined the economics department at Wesleyan in 1960, retiring in 2006. Taught a selection of courses: Introductory, the micro and macro courses required of majors, industrial organization, antitrust econ, accounting, business ethics, and corporate finance. Being at Wesleyan has allowed me to wander among subfields in both teaching and research (as my interests evolved; not possible at graduate programs) and also to take up visiting and moonlighting positions at other institutions: MIT, Cal Berkeley, UCONN, New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, Univ. of Adelaide, and (6 times) Yale. I have tried to stay intellectually occupied by continuing the trickle of articles. Married in 1956; Joan (married 57 years; she is now deceased) and I have three children and eight grandchildren, spread around (Portland OR, Albuquerque, Boston, Minturn CO, Portland ME). Family summers in Maine, inland on a lake (hiking, swimming, sailing—all now curbed). Gave up squash 20 years ago (MD’s suggestion). Health? Two replaced hips, cataract surgery, arthritis; I am very fortunate.”

Dick Miller