Class Notes

A Long Deerfield Legacy

January 15, 2020

Our family was pleasantly surprised to see the tribute to Bayard DeMallie ’56 from his induction into Worcester Academy’s Hall of Fame in the Spring/Summer issue of Deerfield Magazine. Unfortunately, because it was prepared by Worcester Academy for their audience, it overlooked his strong loyalty to Deerfield throughout his life and his family’s Deerfield legacy spanning four generations. His father, Gardener ’29, father-in-law, James Cowan ’30, uncle, John Carley ’32, brother-in-law, James Cowan III ’61, and his brothers, Gardener Jr ’54 and Glenn ’63, are all Deerfield graduates. Three children and grandchildren have graduated from Deerfield in the last four decades, including Bayard DeMallie III ’80, Mary Rockett ’11 and Bayard DeMallie IV ’19. Three other grandchildren, Sam Rockett ’20, Garret DeMallie ’21, and Cooper DeMallie ’22, are current students. All told, 14 members of the family have attended Deerfield and one was a member of the faculty in the 1960s. ‘B’ would have been filled with pride to watch his five grandchildren complete on football and lacrosse fields, sharing the bonds that connect all Deerfield graduates.”— Bayard DeMallie III ’80