Class Notes

’88 Gathers in Kentucky

December 20, 2019

In late October, over 30 members of the Class of 1988 met in Lexington, KY, for a combined 50th birthday celebration. Classmates traveled from as a far away as Colorado, Florida, Vermont, and California to be there, andRob and Kelly Brewer kindly hosted the group for a wonderful dinner at their home.  The next day was spent at Keeneland watching the last meet of the fall season. Lively and spirited, a good time was had by all.  So much so that there was a movement do it all over again next year! In attendance was Oscar Anderson ’88 P’21, Robert Brewer ’88, Eric Baurmeister ’88, Seth Brennan ’88 P’23, Henry Boucher ’88, John Bradbury ’88, Luke Fichthorn ’88, Doug Grout ’88, Greg Hanson ’88, Whet Hutton ’88, Peter Hyde ’88, Chris Jaynes ’88, Sean Kelly ’88, Burke Koonce ’88, Rocky Kroeger ’88, Chris Ladley ’88, Tim Love ’88, Tim Martin ’88, Chris Nelson ’88, Courtlandt Pennell ’88, Gene Pride ’88, Chris Reese ’88, Porter Schutt ’88, Gordie Spater ’88 P’21 ’23, Biria St. John ’88, Keith Stocker ’88, Tim Waite ’88, Tom Walker ’88, Dave Willis ’88 and Marcus Yoder ’88.