Class Notes

The Splendor of Kauai

October 3, 2019

“I was experimenting with a relaxing and sunbathing routine in Kauai for two months and didn’t initiate any calls to classmates on the mainland during that time. Consequently, and as feared, I didn’t receive any notes or news from our fellow ’55ers. So, I have only my own goings-on to report in this issue in order not leave our column blank.

Spending a few months in Kauai during the past few years has always been delightful. Almost every day is a beach day there; the prevailing ocean water temperature unbelievably is generally warmer year round than the air temp ( 80-82 F. and 78-80 F. ). Merry and I enjoy seeing Tom and Nancy Crawford while we’re on the Garden Island; they also maintain a home in Santa Barbara, CA, and visit with friends there periodically.

As usual, I’ve enclosed photos taken while we were in Kauai last May and June. I’m always delighted to hear from classmates, too. My email address is: My phone number isn’t included since solicitors have gotten hold of it via previous notes in the Common Room columns. We’re evidently good prospects, and they, as do we, read our award winning magazine from cover to cover.

Hey guys, our gala 65th Reunion is coming up soon in June 2020 — just a few months away. Let’s all of we persevering octogenarians once again invade the Pocumtuck Valley! Be well.”

** Captions for the photos:
1. A Sunday afternoon with the kids at Poipu Beach, Kauai
2. Two ’55er Tom’s — Tom L’Esperance and Tom Crawford in his backyard in Kauai
3. The beautiful Kukuiolono Golf Course in Kalaheo, Kauai
4. A magnificent rainbow produced by daily showers in Kauai

Tom L’Esperance