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Read family updates

July 16, 2019

Daniel Read reports on some exciting family updates, “We (me and my wife Maria Mangano) have been blessed in the last three months to have two grandsons born, Joseph Mangano in April and Vincent Read in July. Joseph lives with our daughter Dino Mangano and husband Bradley Bennett about a block from us, Vincent with son Quentin Read and wife Mary Glover in Annapolis.

My grandfather retired at age 89 and I do not plan to retire any earlier than that. I love what I do as a lawyer and I get to do a lot of really satisfying work helping people (injured federal workers) who often have a hard time finding help otherwise. Of course I cannot control my health or that of my family which may change that. As of October 2019 I will close my office in downtown Durham and work from home three days a week and take care of Joseph two days a week. Really looking forward to it!”

Daniel Read