Class Notes

Wedding Celebration

February 6, 2019

This past August, I married Sam Hoar in a beautiful ceremony up in the Adirondacks. We were joined by friends and family from around the world for a beautiful three-day event! Kara (Durocher) Hebb was my maid of honor and stood by my side just as she always has since our freshman year at Deerfield. Two months later, we celebrated Kara’s marriage to Jay Hebb in Chatham, MA complete with a New Orleans-style parade down Main Street.

Caption #1: Kate (Hession) Hoar ’03 with husband Sam Hoar
Caption #2: Left to Right: Kara (Durocher) Hebb ’03, Katie Guay ’01, Sam Hoar, Kate Hoar ’03, Kris Loftus, Chris Loftus, Amanda (Harris) Herzberger ’00, Beth McNamara.
Caption #3: Kate Hoar and Kara Hebb

Photo credit to Orchard Cove Photography (aka Amanda Herzberger ’00, our proctor from freshman year on Mather 1!).

Kate (Hession) Hoar