Class Notes

Anna Pettee ’13

November 6, 2018

Anna Pettee ’13 is currently serving as an Education Volunteer in Peace Corps China. She has been living and working in Southwest China for over one year now, teaching English to college students at a small public university. Outside the classroom Anna runs two secondary projects: Pre-Professional Club and Ultimate Frisbee Club. In the former, Anna works with her colleague to provide professional development support to her Foreign Language Department students. In the latter, Anna coaches university students in Ultimate Frisbee, helping them learn the sport and gain confidence in the process. She has become proficient in Chinese and enjoys spending her free time with Chinese friends, exploring her small Chinese city, and traveling with Peace Corps friends. She also has joined the growing Ultimate Frisbee community in China, and has been invited to play in multiple tournaments across the country. She is looking forward to attending China Nationals this December, and traveling to Japan over winter vacation.

Anna Pettee