Class Notes

Whitton-Tufo Wedding

November 26, 2018

Bea Whitton and Peter Tufo were married in Manchester, Vermont on August 4, 2018. The couple have Deerfield family ties to thank for their marriage: Peter had attended day school with Nick Hammerschlag (DA 04) since age 5 and was a good friend of both Nick’s and his future wife Cricket Whitton’s (also 04) during their Deerfield years.
Peter first met Bea at the Bermuda wedding of Cricket and Nick in 2011. The bride’s three sisters and the groom’s sister also are graduates of Deerfield.
A large and happy group of Deerfield alumni spanning the years celebrated this very GREEN union.
Bea and Peter, with their two dogs and cat, live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Deerfield Photo:
First Row L to R:
Peter Tufo (05), Bea Whitton Tufo (09)

Second Row L to R:
Brooks Scholl (04), Emily Woodward (09), Christina Proctor (09), Caroline Merin (05), Libby Whitton (12), Meggie Kempner (05), Nina Kempner (11), Hillary Hoyt (09), CJ York (15), Lindsey Whitton Christ (01), Serena Tufo Robinson (02)

Third Row L to R:
Virginia Eldred Scholl (05), Dan Shribman (03), Will Boardman (04), Alex Nicholson (09), Jake Ingrassia (09), Kate Fobare (09), Jimmy Forrey (09), Mike Morris (09), Elizabeth Schieffelin (09), Franz Burda (09), Annabel Prouty (09), Zach Dewitt (05), Selby Jenkins (09), Justin Weiss (05), Alex Hammerschlag (04), Mike Hess (05), Tate Huffard (05), Alexandra Michler (05), Jamie Kempner (75), Ali Berry (05), Stephen Smith (67), Cricket Whitton (04), Davis Wittig (07), Rose Cornelson (09), Sally Bedell Smith (Trustee Emeritus), Jimmy Berry (03), Chris Kempner (03), Max Gottschall (05), Nick Hammerschlag (04), Linda Whitton (Trustee Emeritus), Peter Berg (09), Susan Wallach (Trustee Emeritus), CC Conrad Bernstein (07), Nick Squires (09)

Fourth Row L to R:
Robb Scott (09), TJ Sullivan (09), Jimmy Finneran (05), James Canning (05)

Linda Whitton

Trustee Emeritus