Class Notes

Michigan Wedding: Max Getz ’08 married Eliza Kontulis on July 21, 2018!

September 4, 2018

Max Getz ’08 married Eliza Kontulis on a beautiful summer evening in Grosse Pointe, MI. The perfect wedding weekend for ’08’s Captain Deerfield featured a surprise appearance from ’10’s Captain Deerfield who thundered into the Rehearsal Dinner room shouting “aga-chi, aga-cha”. Most in the room were speechless/clueless, but one proud table of Deerfield alums stood up without hesitation, gleaming with pride, and chanted at the top of their lungs remembering the Days of Glory. Pictured left to right, with Max and Eliza in front/center: Alex Bertles ’08, Robb Scott ’09, Sam Hill ’08, Chip Daugherty ’08, Gary Wong ’08, Ben Weinberg ’08, Margaret Eldred ’08, Maggie Hines Callahan ’08, Anne Smith ’08, Sarah Snoddon ’08, Caroline Witmer Gormley ’08, Peter Procida ’08, Alex Killorn ’08, and John Gray ’08. NOT PICTURED: Declan Kavanagh ’03, Ben Dennis ’08, Chris Razook ’08, David Rold ’08, Kenny Sheresky ’08, Kenzie Tsang-Lee ’08, and Albert Ford ’10.

Max Getz