Class Notes

Reach Michael and Ilse in London

May 21, 2018

It was good to hear from Michael Godfrey again. He and Ilse have chosen to live in London. He continues to stay active in Statistics and related fields. They continue to spend much of their time away from home. He writes: “Ilse and I spent quite a long while at Stanford where I was in the Information Systems Lab. In 2014 we moved to Cold Spring, NY. The main reason for this move was that it was half way to London. In 2016 we completed the move to London. This is home. I continue to do work in Statistics, Information, and some related fields. While in Cold Spring I spent a few days at Deerfield mainly talking with the math and science folks. I hope that I did not bore them too much about some more modern topics in the age of computation and information. Anyhow, it was fun and the teaching and teachers seemed excellent. I am tempted to speculate what would be taught if Helen Boyden were still available! Also, in this period we have gotten back to skiing at Mad River and on the West Coast at one of our favorite places, Mt. Bachelor, which is outside Bend, Oregon. More work to do in that area.”

Photo caption: Michael and Ilse Godfrey enjoy their favorite pastime.

Tom L’Esperance