Class Notes

New AV Club?

May 4, 2018

John Knight reports of his classmates:  “You may remember that Ben Patton helps veterans work through their PTSD by telling their stories through film. You may also remember that Spence Brown helps celebrities (and others) get their stories out via radio and podcast.

Ben explains the photo: “Spencer and I reconnected in New York after three decades of not being in touch, when we discovered some important things in common. We both share a love of history and desire to support our veterans. This spring, Spencer generously offered to feature my org, the Patton Veterans Project and some of the vets we work with on a podcast taped for his new digital audio platform, Cadence 13. We hope to roll it out on ITunes shortly – and if enough ‘83ers can help spread the word, maybe it will be the first of many.

Great to be reconnected with Spencer, do some good and create some positive memories together.”

Can’t ask for more than that! See you at the reunion!”

John Knight