Class Notes

Next Film Role for Nottage

November 10, 2017

John Knight reports of his classmate: Sean Nottage – “Keep an eye out for your favorite Pierce Brosnan lookalike as he appears in a new movie soon…(but not in the trailer FYI). And here he is at the Bahamas premier with his wife, Kara…”
“It’s a story of human smuggling through The Bahamas of Haitian nationals hoping to reach the United States. The story revolves around a struggling Bahamian fisherman who can’t afford the life he wants for his family. He turns to human smuggling at the suggestion of a friend and at the hands and as operator for a nefarious human smuggling agent as a way to make ends meet. I play an intercepting US Coast Guard officer when he’s driven to take smugglers all the way to the US mainland after stepping stone trips do not work out well.”

John G. Knight