Class Notes

Sustainable Abundant Minimalism

June 1, 2017

It been 20 years since an amazing 6 month exchange to Deerfield from South Africa and I’m heading back to the Americas. After 14 years working in consulting in Africa and Europe I’ve decided to use my expertise to make a difference to the world instead of a company’s share price. I’m starting a movement – Sustainable Abundant Minimalism (S.A.M.) – and setting out on a mission to make a real difference to the world. I’ve started a blog to build the community and consolidate research (steps 1 and 2) with the aim being to break silos between the elements of S.A.M. to create new systems for living. Step 3 is to identify pain points to adoption and to remove them through the application of existing / develop new technologies. To get more hands on experience of what people are already doing in this area, my wife and I and our two boys (6 and 8) are starting a trek this July from the South of France where we live, to Bali, Australia, New Zealand, through South America, Central America, up to the USA and finally Canada. No timelines, no plans, just the time to explore, learn and find out how we can make a real difference. Exciting times! I am S.A.M. are you?

Gavin Erasmus