Class Notes

It has been awhile…

June 21, 2017

All is well down in Cross River, NY. Brynn (14) is headed into 9th grade. Drew (13) will be in 8th grade next year with Dean (12) in 7th grade at the middle school. Brynn was recognized by the American Association of University Women for her achievements in math and science and she also received her Confirmation in May at St. Mary’s Church. The three kids still play a lot of soccer and lacrosse and we spend our winter weekends in VT to ski. Life for Michael and me is busy…fortunately Micheal’s business is doing well. As for me, I do quite a bit of high school tutoring and teach part-time. Our 4 year-old Mini Schnauzer was taken down by a pack of coyotes in October of 2016. So now we have two new dogs…another Mini Schnauzer (Oscar) and his Giant Schnauzer bodyguard (Maverick). We still raise chickens and sell their eggs to raise money for various charities. Last year we raised about $2100…25 chickens produce a ton of eggs. I am looking forward to our 25th high school reunion and I hope to see many of my classmates there.

Virginia DiGuglielmo