Class Notes

DA does Vegas

April 14, 2017

Lots of ’01 love in Vegas this year! We had to relive our TRL days after class at The Greer, so (from L to R) Katie Cralle ’01, Emily Pell ’01, Kate Larsen ’01, Rebecca Blumenkopf ’01, Sara Mills von Althann ’01, Christy Williams ’01 and Grier Potter ’01 all met up in April to see Britney Spears, celebrate Rebecca and Grier’s birthdays and Kate’s baby girl who is due in September.
We all still can’t get enough of each other, so every year we pick a city and reunite! In years past, we’ve been to Austin, New Orleans and Sun Valley with Julie Silipo ’01 and Elizabeth Dyke Barker ’01.
And over New Years, Kate caught up with Tobin Hack ’01 in Sun Valley.

Kate Larsen