Class Notes

Sandy Treat 1942

August 17, 2016

Don McLean Class of 1960 shared with us the following profile from the newsletter of the Country Club of the Rockies, written by Tom Apple featuring Deerfield Alum Sandy Treat, Class of 1942.

I love old guys, and not because I’m on the way to becoming one. I could sit and listen to old friends Stan Rumbough (94 years old), Bob Toski (88), and Pepi Gramshammer (84) share their experiences for hours. My extraordinary CCR (Country Club of the Rockies) member subject this week is a gentleman who certainly doesn’t act his age, Mr. Sandy Treat. Sanford Treat was born 93 years ago in the suburbs outside of New York City. He skied for the first time at age 5 in Lake Placid with his father. An exceptional athlete, Sandy was not only the captain of his Deerfield Academy ski team, but was a talented enough baseball player to be invited to a Major League tryout. He attended Dartmouth College and was a member of the ski team that won a national championship.

When World War II broke out, Sandy’s tour of duty was spent fighting in the Italian Alps as a member of the elite 10th Mountain Division. During his trip from the East Coast to the 10th training site in Leadville, Sandy got his first glimpse of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. After the War he returned east and began working for Alcan Aluminum, eventually working for the Venezuela and Montreal Divisions before returning to the States as V.P. of Sales.

On a trip to Vail one winter Sandy met Pepi Gramshammer at a ski camp. Between Pepi and Pete Seibert, who also was a member of the 10th Mountain Division, they convinced him to move to Vail and later to consider joining a new golf club they were associated with called Country Club of the Rockies. A novice golfer at the time, Sandy took to the game and joined CCR in 1989. He served as Club President in 1997-1998. He continued his illustrious ski career by winning numerous Master’s Ski Racing events, which he participated in until a serious accident ended his days on the mountain at age 86.

Sandy was recently inducted into the Ski Hall of Fame, still plays golf at CCR 3-4 days a week, and is in remarkably good condition. He is an exceptional gentleman, I feel privileged to have him as a member and a friend.

We hope you all have a wonderful week!

Thank you, Tom Apple