Class Notes

’55er Potpourri

July 29, 2016

I find that each issue of the Deerfield Magazine is excellent cover-to-cover reading. Kudos to the editors who put together the articles and pictorial gems. In the Spring 2016 issue of Deerfield Magazine, Margarita, Jessica Day, and David (The Signature) Thiel contemplated that the “24/7 benefits of a boarding school .. are the landscape of which we work and learn”. Although we “tread familiar paths, (we) glean something new and unexpected with each trip.” Reflecting on Dr. Curtis’ almost daily walks to The Rock, “It’s different every time.” With regard to the intrusive pervasiveness of the Internet and social media, we must take time to balance ourselves with “the benefits of solitude (and) restorative places”. Although we seemingly have little solitude due to other-directed invasions, we need to take time in our daily lives to savor “a precious commodity of free time.”
Speaking of free time, students no longer have to sneak off campus and hitch rides into Greenfield on weekends nowadays. Shopping or a movie off campus affords students to “live a well balanced life”. The Louis CafĂ© and the Greer Store on campus offer snacks between meals that may soften the image of what we dubbed “mystery meat” at the dining hall.
Regretfully, another classmate, Jim Durkin, passed away on March 6, 2016, after a long illness. He had lived in San Rafael, CA, for many years. No other information is available about Jim at this time.
Keep your notes coming! — Tom L’Esperance, Carlsbad, CA; 760-942-2680;