Class Notes

Makin’ Movies

May 3, 2016

John Knight ’83 reports of his classmate Jim Wareck, “After 3 years of trying to get the next movie off the ground, and a steep learning curve on “Hollywood values”, I was fortunate to work with some incredible people and finish shooting (first step in long march to your screens) an anti-romantic comedy called Brand New Old Love, written and directed by a young comedienne here in LA. It is a low budget project but we were fortunate to get some great and known actors from movies and TV shows like Broad City, You’re the Worst, Silicon Valley, and Austin Powers. But my highlight was the day we worked with Brian Doyle Murray, the writer of Caddyshack and we shot on a golf course no less. I had to explain to him that phrases like “you’re killing me Smalls” are part of my everyday vocabulary and I was not just trying to suck up. He was incredibly gracious and a tremendous actor. Unfortunately, I did not get an opportunity to ask about his years rooming with John Belushi. Otherwise, all adequate, and I am lucky to see DA folks in the region.”

Jim Wareck