Class Notes

Tad Mayer ’82 – Summer Update 2015

June 22, 2015

Rich Rubin and I got together recently in Sudbury, where we both live. It was great to see him. I see JJ Briones, Dave Haviland, James Hughes, Tim Carey, and others way too infrequently. I also visited Dave and Sig Howell a couple of summers ago for lunch on the Cape. It was great to see them. I’m rowing with a group for the first time since college, 32 years and 60 pounds ago! Having a blast with folks from Westminster, Pomfret, and Rivers. The guy who got us going has a son, Sam Armstrong, who rowed on the Deerfield crew team and just graduated. He is Greg Greene’s nephew (class of 1984?). My two co-authors and I are nearing completion of the manuscript for End the Job Hunt, a book about using negotiation frameworks for career management. In July we’ll be entering the final copy edit and book design stage. My first book! I continue to teach, train, consult, and coach negotiation theory and skills. I also mediate. My son Will (20) will be a junior at St. Lawrence (where Betsy went). He just joined the theme house (Java) that books all the bands for campus. My daughter Annie (18) just graduated from Westminster (where Will went also). She will be a freshman at Colgate and is thinking about joining club soccer and horseback riding for the school team. Betsy is loving going back to SLU to visit Will and be back on campus. She is taking her Mom on a road trip to see how SLU has changed and to see Colgate for the first time. In May, Betsy captained a team for the 11th year for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. I hope to make it to Choate Day!

Tad Mayer