Class Notes

Many thanks to Mr. Pond

June 25, 2015

I just finished reading about Mr. Pond. It is a wonderful piece that exactly captures what a great man Mr. Pond has always been. When I think of how great Deerfield is, Mr. Pond always comes to mind. I am currently a lieutenant with the NYPD. My oldest son, Lorenzo, will begin his 8th grade year at The Fessenden School in the fall. He is looking forward to applying to Deerfield in the future. Unlike his dad, Lorenzo has no interest in playing hockey, but he is an outstanding football, basketball, and baseball player. My family and I spend our summers at our place on Martha’s Vineyard. Anyone who is interested in visiting and enjoying a nice barbecue in our backyard, feel free to contact me. I wish everyone well and stay safe.

Lawrence Biondo