Class Notes

Memorial to Jerry Grant from “The Quartet”

December 11, 2014

Deerfield Academy Class Notes (Obituary)
Jerry Grant (’49) died September 15, 2014, following a stroke, in New York. We got to love and appreciate him especially during a period of several years when Jerry sang tenor in our barbershop group, pretentiously known as “The Quartet”. (We considered ourselves a strong enhancement to the likes of Lester Lanin at debutante parties in and around Westchester and Fairfield Counties.) Jerry had a wonderful tenor voice and to sing with him was a sheer joy.
Jerry was a very special person, hard to describe: To see him approaching would put a smile on everyone’s faces; to be in his presence was unfailingly a happy, though ever unpredictable, experience. It was a recurrent surprise to hear his comments on anything – usually uttered expressionless and in a low, soft voice. What he had to say was mostly worth listening to and usually just plain funny. His quiet, almost laconic demeanor was in fact a smoke screen for a highly intelligent and engaging human being.
Jerry’s extraordinary accomplishments in Urology are well documented in other places. He served in the U.S. Marines. He was a founding member of The Zumbyes at Amherst and he continued singing for over 20 years with The University Glee Club in New York.
We have lost a lovable friend, but have gained memories we’ll cherish till the end,
John Staige “J.S.” Davis, IV (’49), John L. Gray, III (’49), Peyton R. H.”The Pinks” Pinkerton (’50)

John Staige Davis, IV