Class Notes

Accounts of Modern Deerfield

October 2, 2014

I am sorry I could not make it to our Sixtieth, only because it fell on the same date as my wife’s Fiftieth at Cornell. The lively, occasionally irreverent, always balanced summary assembled by Peter, Zeke and Sam made clear what we missed. Indeed, it added up to one of the best accounts of modern Deerfield I have seen anywhere. It reassured me that the school is doing well, no longer in Mr. Boyden’s shadow but pursuing goals he would have understood and heartily endorsed.

I particularly missed hearing Eric Widmer’s account of the King’s School (Barbara and I drove by it on a visit to Petra some years ago), the frank assessment of challenges facing Deerfield, the note on Deerfield’s declining athletic competitiveness – nothing to be worried about once what you understand what it means – and the very interesting comments by students and faculty.

Those who put the reunion program together deserve our sincere thanks, even if we could not be there. And bravo to Peter, Zeke and Sam.

Bob Pringle’54

robert pringle