Class Notes

Second From Left

July 7, 2014

A Carl Hedden update relates his participation in a church choir sing at St. John the Divine Cathedral in New York, the fourth largest cathedral in the western world. Carl claims that he is “the bald guy, second from left, in the second or third row from the top. Not a favorite place in which to sing, St. John the Divine is such a huge volume, and the choir space so distant from the congregation, that one can’t sense whether we’re making an acoustical dent, let alone a musical one, in it. But reviews were favorable. Our same joint (Episcopal) choir will be singing daily mass for a week in Winchester Cathedral, UK, in August, 2015, so NYC was one of several warm-ups (ha!) before we take our schtick over the pond.” .. I had the further pleasure of showing the nearby Columbia University campus to friends who previously had no idea of its beauty and tradition.”